Medical Grade Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

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Female Human Hair Wigs and Hair Additions

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Human Hair Wigs for Medically Related Hair Loss

Trichological Associates in Alexandria, Virginia provides a variety of women’s hair loss solutions and hair replacement options for women experiencing medically related hair loss as a result of Chemotherapy, Thyroid, or other medical disorders such as Alopecia Areata and other forms of Alopecia.

Chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments such as radiation, works because they kill rapidly dividing cells. Because hair grows relatively fast, these cells are attacked and hair growth temporarily is stopped. Now that new anti-nausea drugs are available to patients, many people living with cancer treatment are able to work and play almost like normal, except for the hair loss. The hair loss brings a loss of privacy and self-image that many find harder to deal with than the actual treatment. For this situation we recommend that you choose from our stylish “Illusion Line

Hair Prosthesis Medical Wig

Our custom Cranial Prosthesis wig units utilizes the highest quality human hair with medical grade cap.

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