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The eyes are integral to the overall attractiveness of the face. However, the eyes also demonstrate the first signs of aging. Droopy eyelids or bags under the eyes convey a sense of sadness, advanced age, and fatigue.
At the time of consultation Dr. Dahiya will determine if this unwanted appearance of your eyes is due to excess skin or drooping fatty tissues, and then advise which blepharoplasty technique suits you best.

Dr. Dahiya’s Approach to Eyelid Lifts

Traditional belpharoplasty or eyelid lifts were performed by removing the excess fat. Dr. Dahiya’s approach repositions the fat to create a more youthful appearance. Contouring the fat around the eyes allows Dr. Dahiya to sculpt an individual, natural look for each patient.

How is an Eyelid lift Performed?

Lower eyelid lifts can be performed with hidden incisions and recovery from both upper and lower eyelid surgery is often quite quick and comfortable. Eyelid lifts can be performed alone or with a face and neck lift.

How do i know if an eyelid lift is right for me?

A thorough consultation will allow you to learn all the details of Dr. Dahiya’s eyelid lift method and allow you to make a well informed decision as to which type of eye lid lift suits you best; lower, upper or both. You will also be able to make a decision about having a facelift in conjunction with an eyelid lift.

What should i expect at the consultation?

The following is what you should expect at your initial consultation with Dr. Dahiya:

  • 1. In the waiting room you will fill out all pertinent forms, including your medical insurance, medical history and objectives for facial cosmetic surgery.

  • 2. You will meet with Dr. Dahiya in his office. He will examine your face and take pictures. Using digital morphing and other before and after examples, you and he will devise a plan for accomplishing your cosmetic goals. This meeting usually last about 1 hour.

  • 3. After your meeting with Dr. Dahiya, you will meet with his Patient Coordinator for all details about the procedure, including all financial information. Dr. Dahiya charges one all inclusive fee for every aspect of the procedure so there are no hidden costs. Your procedure will also be scheduled at this time.

  • 4. If your surgery is done out of the office, it will probably be performed at the Surgery Center in Rockville, Maryland.

What should i expect after the procedure?

  • 1. After the surgery, our Patient Coordinator will call you to check on your progress. During the healing process, it is important to remember that Dr. Dahiya is always available help you in any way.

  • 2. A post operative appointment will be scheduled in order for you and Dr. Dahiya to evaluate your progress. Dr. Dahiya feels strongly that if you are in any way unsatisfied with the surgery, he will work with you to get the desired results.