TRICHOGRAFT HAIR TRANSPLANT ™ with Low Level Laser Therapy

The latest state-of-the-art medical hair transplant and restoration procedures for both men and women.

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FUT hair transplant is popular due to higher quality grafting where thousands of grafts may be placed in one session. Hair Transplantation relies on both artistry and skill. Several key elements are necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. The TrichoGraft method uses three modalities to achieve maximum hair regrowth.

1. Top Benefits of the TrichGraft Hair Transplant:
• Replicates natural growth
• Optimal hair thickness/density
• Preserved hair follicle integrity
• Protective tissue surrounding hair follicle remains intact
• Highest rate of graft “take”
• Even hair distribution
• Permanent, natural results

The most important of these key elements are the following:

• Proper Strip extraction and closing of the donor area
• Correct follicular unit dissection
• Correct graft hydration and storage
• Recipient site creation using correct angulation, direction and pattern
• Creation of a natural hairline design
• Careful placement of grafts during the surgery with the proper technique to avoid their damage
• Proper hair transplant post-surgery care

2. Post-Operative Care with Low Level Laser Therapy


Following hair transplantation, Trichological Associates offers a complimentary medical grade Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) home device. We find that these treatments accelerate the healing process, as well as the growth of newly transplanted hair. Gentle on the recently transplanted hair, and non-surgical, LLLT uses red near infrared wavelengths to facilitate hair growth for individuals who have undergone any hair restoration procedure. This non-invasive, painless therapy stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the scalp, promoting a healthier scalp and contributing to the healing process.

Top Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy after TrichoGraft Hair Transplant
1. Low level laser therapy stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, and has been demonstrated to increase blood supply around the hair follicles by over 50% after initial treatment.
2. Research studies have also shown that it has the ability to stop the progression of hair loss in over 80 percent of hair loss treatment patients.
3. For post-operative hair transplant surgery patients, laser hair therapy has demonstrated the ability to help newly transplanted hair thrive and nurture the healing process.

The Trichology Difference!

What sets Trichological Associates apart from other hair restoration practices is the multiple therapy approach, experience, and artistry of our Plastic Surgeon that goes into each hair restoration procedure we perform. We also pride ourselves in offering the best price in the DC area for a Plastic Surgeon with overall quality and service!

Experience and Artistry

Like all other plastic surgeries, Hair Transplantation is an art. It requires an expert Plastic surgeon with a trained hand and keen eye to create the most natural appearing results that are undetectable to even the most critical eye. Our plastic surgeon has over 15 years experience and is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

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We realize that every surgical hair restoration candidate has individual needs and expectations. We therefore tailor each patient’s surgical plan to their specific, individual hair restoration goals, taking into account their hair type, age, amount of hair loss, current and expected lifestyle, age, and overall health.


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Q & A

Q: Who is a good candidate for Hair Transplantation?

A: Almost anyone with hair loss is a candidate for hair transplantation. However, a patient’s expectations and objectives must be realistic. The single most important factor to consider is how much hair a patient will lose at a later age. With this in mind, the doctor can plan the most natural looking hairline and shape – one that will result in the most undetectable and natural hairstyle.

Q: Is there an ideal age to begin Hair Transplantation?

A: There really is no such thing as an ideal age. Current data show that early hair transplantation is easier to conceal and allows the patient to preserve the appearance of a full and natural head of hair. Our goal is to educate and help patients achieve the best possible outcome.

Q: How long after my hair transplant will I begin to see hair growth?

A: Generally, the hair begins to grow within 3-5 months after the procedure and the number of new hairs will continue to increase for the next 8-9 months with a proper hair hygiene program.

Q: What kind of postoperative care do you provide?

A: Trichological Associates postoperative care with low level laser therapy to alleviate inflammation that can occur to the scalp. In addition, our combination therapy approach allows patients to maximize their results. A follow-up hair loss prevention treatment program is prescribed to promote quicker and healthier hair growth. To ensure that our patients understand what to expect, we discuss home care with each individual. Our doctor personally checks on each patient on the evening of the operation.

Q: How soon can I go back to work after the procedure?

A: Generally, you can return to work within a day or two following your procedure depending on your type of work and comfort level. However, any strenuous exercising or lifting should not be attempted for the first 2 weeks after the procedure.

In-Office Consultation

A free, no-obligation initial hair restoration consultation with us is vital in order to assess your current and future hair loss pattern and recommend the most viable hair loss treatment options for each individual patient. Your hair restoration consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss all aspects of your hair loss and treatment prior to any further action being taken. We encourage our patients to ask as many questions as they feel necessary and to raise any issues or concerns they have about their hair loss. To schedule a free consultation with us, please call (703) 914-4247 OR CLICK the link below to book online. img6